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July 2011

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Message from the Founder
Greetings and welcome to the latest edition of our Newsletter and thank you for your interest with ITTIA. We are moving forward successfully with the release of version 4.1 of ITTIA DB SQL this month. High availability is the theme of ITTIA DB version 4, and this new release completes support for both synchronous and asynchronous replication/mirroring. We are also excited about our latest operating system port - ThreadX, - graphical database editor - the ITTIA SQL Browser, - and built-in memory allocator. In addition, ITTIA DB is gaining more momentum in various markets including medical devices; consumer electronics and RFID related applications.
Our next announcement will include a synchronization technology for ITTIA DB SQL applications to synchronize data with back-end database servers such as Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and more.
Thank you for your interest and support for ITTIA. We are excited and committed more than ever to provide you with a leading-edge database technology and assist you to save development time and cost.

Warm regards,

Sasan Montaseri

Company News
Certified Partner - Triadem
Triadem is a new ITTIA Database Certified Partner in Switzerland. Triadem offers great experience and expertise in the embedded arena. As a member of the ITTIA partner community, Triadem is well positioned to offer advanced data management for their embedded developers. /

Certified Partner - FlatOak
FlatOak is a new ITTIA Database Certified Partner in Japan. FlatOak offers extensive experience in the custom development and manufacturing of embedded systems for OEM and ODMs. ITTIA and FlatOak will work closely together to serve their customers with a quality embedded database, technical support, and consulting services. /

Alliance - Express Logic
ITTIA DB is now available on a number of embedded operating system platforms, including ThreadX. With ITTIA DB SQL's rich data management capabilities and the advanced features and services available with the ThreadX RTOS, embedded developers are now empowered to easily develop and deploy high performance applications. /

Product News

High Availability

Embedded and mobile software deals with many challenges, including limited connectivity, high access latency, and component failure. Quality applications address these challenges with built-in redundancy, so that each device can function independently but also communicate effectively with other devices. ITTIA DB SQL has always provided applications with the tools to recover safely from a local failure, and now version 4 makes it easy to handle failures involving multiple devices and improve overall reliability with redundant components.

Many new features have been added to ITTIA DB SQL:

  • Replication. Whether an application needs simple master/slave mirroring or sophisticated bi-directional record exchange, ITTIA DB's replication technology seamlessly propagates changes between databases and applications. Ad hoc replication makes it easy to transmit changes in asynchronous bursts when connectivity is limited, while synchronous replication uses two-phase commit to safely connect databases that are modified concurrently. An application can even initialize other databases with a snapshot of its own tables.
  • Online Backup. Backups are an essential strategy to protect data from media failure, but an application can't always stop everything to make a backup. ITTIA DB SQL now provides online backup capability that does not interrupt read or write access to the database. And restoring a backup is as easy as opening a database file.
  • Foreign Keys. Referential constraints ensure that queries across multiple tables will always work as intended. Whether an application uses cascade, restrict, or set null for updates and deletes, ITTIA DB SQL will automatically keep the database consistent and complete.
  • ThreadX Port. ThreadX is an advanced lightweight real-time operating system (RTOS) from Express Logic, Inc. Combined with the high-performance FileX embedded file system, ThreadX and ITTIA DB make it easy to store and share data safely in lightweight embedded applications.
  • Built-in Memory Allocator. Embedded applications often require predictable runtime memory overhead, either because virtual memory is not available or to limit worst-case performance. ITTIA DB can now use a built-in memory allocator to restrict its memory footprint to fixed preallocated buffers. Furthermore, this allocator uses a specially designed algorithm so that the amount of memory required by ITTIA DB for a particular application can be precomputed, even accounting for memory fragmentation.
  • Utilities and Other Enhancements. A new graphical tool, the ITTIA SQL Browser, gives developers and testers an easy way to inspect and modify the database files embedded in an application. Windows users can now run ITTIA DB SQL as service or continue to embed ITTIA DB entirely in the application. Enhanced change notification adds the contents of the primary key to each notification event. enhanced change notification, statistics to measure ITTIA DB resources used by the application.

Evaluation kits are available for Windows, Linux, Windows CE, QNX, and ThreadX.

Latest White Papers

Confident Memory Management on Embedded Devices
Click to download PDF document (338 KB)

Benefits of Database for Embedded Systems
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In the News

Embedded Computing, an online magazine, recently published the article Database puts "media" in media players, which highlights the challenges of data management on a portable media player. recently published the article Making Sense of Data Management on Intelligent Devices, which explores the benefits of database over flat text and binary files for embedded developers.

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