QNX® Software Development Platform 6.5.0 (Alpha M9)
Publikoval QNX Software Systems v RTOS QNX • 24. 3. 2011 16:21:20
Date of this edition: April 06, 2010
Target OS: This development platform produces software that’s compatible with targets that are running QNX® Neutrino® 6.5.0.
Host OS: You can install this package as a self-hosted QNX Neutrino® development system, or on one of the following development hosts:

* Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32- and 64-bit, Vista Business 32- and 64-bit, XP Professional SP3, or 2000 SP4
* Linux RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.4 Desktop 32- and 64-bit, Red Hat Fedora 12, Ubuntu Workstation 9.10 32- and 64-bit, or openSUSE 11.2

You can also install the QNX Neutrino RTOS as a virtual machine on VMware Workstation 6.5 or 7.0, VMware Player 3.0, and Microsoft VirtualPC 2007.

Go to our website, www.qnx.com, log into your myQNX account, and then go to the Download area.

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